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The Maison’s most famous shades are perfect for the Year of the Tiger

DIOR celebrates one of its most renowned lipstick formulas with the Rouge Dior Lunar New Year Limited Edition Gift Set. With five shades in a smooth, velvety finish, each lipstick is formulated with 95% natural-origin ingredients that leave the lips beautifully hydrated, making it a must-have for devotees of DIOR's couture-inspired beauty icons. Inspired by 17th-century textiles, this set is presented in a box designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri’s studio and crafted by Maison Bucol to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

Dior Make-Up is an ode to creation and colour. Christian Dior’s own words – "Why deprive women of the prestige and charm of colour?" – inspire every creation, with colour at the heart of Dior’s modern and innovative spirit.


  • Rouge Dior 999 Velvet 3.5g,

    Rouge Dior 840 Rayonnante Velvet 3.5g

    Rouge Dior 720 Icone Velvet 3.5g,

    Rouge Dior 909 Baby Velvet 3.5g

    Rouge Dior 668 Glam Velvet 3.5g

Step into the enchanting world of Dior, where beauty meets tradition in a celebration of the Year of the Tiger. In homage to this auspicious occasion, Dior unveils the Rouge Dior Lunar New Year Limited Edition Gift Set, a treasure trove of five iconic shades adorned in velvety splendor. Each lipstick, meticulously crafted with 95% natural-origin ingredients, not only swathes your lips in luxurious color but also lavishes them with hydration, ensuring a truly indulgent experience for devotees of Dior's couture-inspired beauty icons.

Inspired by the opulent textiles of the 17th century, this exquisite set is presented in a resplendent box, a masterpiece conceived by Maria Grazia Chiuri's studio and brought to life by Maison Bucol. Embellished with motifs of the majestic tiger, symbolizing strength and prosperity, and adorned in auspicious red and gold hues, the box is a work of art in itself, a testament to Dior's enduring legacy of elegance and sophistication.

As Christian Dior once proclaimed, "Why deprive women of the prestige and charm of color?" Indeed, Dior Makeup is an ode to creation and color, with hues that evoke emotion and ignite the imagination. With color at its core, Dior embodies a modern and innovative spirit, inviting you to embrace the transformative power of makeup and express your unique essence with every stroke of brilliance.

Inside this magnificent set, you'll discover an array of captivating shades, each infused with the spirit of adventure and possibility. From the timeless allure of Rouge Dior 999 Velvet to the radiant warmth of Rouge Dior 840 Rayonnante Velvet, every lipstick promises to adorn your lips with unparalleled elegance and grace. Whether you're seeking a subtle hint of glamour or a bold statement of confidence, the Rouge Dior Lunar New Year Limited Edition Gift Set offers endless possibilities for self-expression and enchantment.

But the allure of this set extends beyond its exquisite contents. Measuring 15.95 cm in width, 9.45 cm in height, and 3.4 cm in depth, the box opens to reveal a mirror top, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. And once the lipsticks have found their home on your vanity, the box transforms into a cherished keepsake, a trinket box that embodies the spirit of luxury and refinement.

So why wait to experience the magic of Dior? Indulge in the splendor of the Rouge Dior Lunar New Year Limited Edition Gift Set and embrace a year filled with prosperity, joy, and the timeless beauty of Dior.

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