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Maybelline New York Master Camo Correcting Pen

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• Maybelline brings you color correcting made easy
• Correct & perfect with this precision applicator for targeted colour correction.
• Cancels out appearance of skin tone imperfections.



Color correction gets precise with this full coverage concealer. This targeted color correcting pen features a precision applicator to camouflage skin tone imperfections.

Green: Cancels out redness and is created for all skin tones.

Blue: Neutralizes sallowness and is created for fair to light skin tones.

Pink: Brightens dullness and is created for light skin tones.

Yellow: Brightens dullness and is created for light-to-medium skin tones.

Apricot: Neutralizes dark circles and is created for light-to-medium skin tones.

Red: Neutralizes dark circles and is created for deep skin tones.


Application tips:

1. Twist to release formula

2. Apply with precise flocked tip

3. Conceal with concealer in your skin tone

4. Apply foundation over the top if desired

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Whilst I might not get any brownie points for saying this the other half has had some dark circles under her eyes this past few days. A week in a log cabin in the woods with 5 children, the in laws and persistent heavy rain can do that to you. She was therefore excited/relieved to receive this correcting pen. The first impression was that it was hard to extract from the tube in the quantity required with it either erupting like Krakatoa or barely coming out the size of a ladybird. After a few tries of mixing it with her current foundation she got the level right. As a man with a basic artistic background I could not fathom how this bright red color would ever blend in. The trick, she found, was to use a small amount and put it directly on under the eyes and blend it in; it worked well and was easy to mix! To me it was like magic that on next inspection the bags had gone and she looked less broken than she had on her return from the woods; so much so I even dared to suggest we did it all again next year.