Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush Peach Beach

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It is light peach with pretty gilding on the sides in the shape of garlands of knots .

Two little rabbits nibble above the brand name, to mark their Cruelty Free ethic.

The back of the heart is completely golden.

It is an object that is easily diverted once finished.

This heart is very light, but contains a large quantity of product.

What this "blusher" for an eternity.

This is a trio of cooked blushes with a dry/powdery and compact texture, which contains 3 individual color samples.
The pigmentation is average compared to "Something About Berry".
Its frosted, slightly glittery finish.

These 3 blushes can be used separately or combined to make one.
Both blush and complexion highlighter, or bronzer, it adapts to all skin tones from the lightest to the darkest.
It's all a question of dosage.
Personally I have fair/Mediterranean skin, and 3 brush strokes (without rubbing) in the side are enough for each cheek.
Peach Beach illuminates and refreshes the complexion in an instant thanks to its Golden Peach shades and its micro-glitters (non-volatile and very discreet).
It lasts well (6 hours without retouching) on ​​cream, liquid and powder foundation.
(The colors stand out more on liquid and cream fdt.)
I also notice that it lasts on the eyelids all day without greaser and all that without a base.
I don't use a combo highlighter, this product is enough in itself.
Color #1 acts as a highlight, it is the lightest of the trio, shimmering medium light Champagne with Gold undertone.
Color #2 is more pinkish so it is the blush, medium soft Frosted Rose Gold.
Color #3 is more brown when used alone, it is the Bronzer of the trio, Bronze/Caramel/Shimmering Gold.
With the 3 swirled colors we obtain: A Peach Rose Gold, with brown/medium undertone and subtle Gold micro-glitters, slightly frosted finish.
A blush can also become an eye shadow.
Don't hesitate to overdo it given the quantity of product, it would be a shame to do without it.

Suitable for all skin tones.
Long lasting. 

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