Natasha Denona


Born in Croatia and raised in Germany, Natasha inherited a love for both painting and science from her mother, a technical illustrator and chemist who would often bring her to the lab.

A student of dance from a young age, her first experience with makeup artistry happened backstage, where she revealed an intuitive ability to create advanced stage looks for herself and other dancers.

After a successful early career as a professional dancer and model,
Natasha was soon in high demand in the fashion and beauty industry for her innovative and exacting approach to the art of makeup.

Over the next 25 years her groundbreaking makeup techniques led Natasha to become an award-winning leading makeup artist, creating multiple fashion and beauty campaigns and covers of magazines around the world.

Throughout Natasha's career she could never find eyeshadows that satisfied her need for luxe, blendable texture and true color payoff.

So she went into the lab to create a product that didn't exist: pure, pressed-pigment eyeshadows with intensely saturated color.

Using only the highest quality ingredients available, including crushed chroma crystals, luxurious pearls, and hydrating emollients, Natasha's exceptional formulas resulted in eyeshadows that were soft, richly pigmented, and effortless to blend — perfect for both beginners and pros.

Exploding onto the market, Natasha's palettes revolutionized the world of beauty and forever changed the way we think about eyeshadow.

With an emphasis on flawless eyes, glowing skin, and the perfect nude lip, Natasha Denona Makeup has now evolved into a global brand recognized for its impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

Based on the philosophy that makeup is the ultimate living art form, Natasha continues to educate and inspire a new generation of makeup lovers to celebrate the full spectrum of their beauty and bring unique perspectives into the world.